Love For Christ

Posted on 12 Sep 2021, Pastor: Rev Joy Umukoro

Topic:  LOVE for Christ

Text: Joh_14:15-24



Love (according the English rendition) is one word that has been bastardized. Yet, there is always this desire by the subject of love to require proof.  However, in the mouth of God is one of the most profound words and experiences. So many people have also brought their “warped” understanding of love into their relationship with God. God, from time has required His people to love Him (Deu_6:4-9) But Jesus was quite clear of what Love for Him implies.


  1. Is a personal Decision: “if you love me!”(Joh_14:23) He is not insisting that you love Him, but in case you do, it’s your decision, but I there is a way to love me. You do not love me just anyhow.
  2. Has only one proof:Keep my commandments! (cf Joh_14:21)
  3. To keep (tēreō) means to attend to carefully and take care of, to guard, to obey, to observe, to reserve, to undergo something, to protect.
  4. commandments (entolē)orders, precepts, injuctions, that which is prescribed by reason of his office, prescribed rules in accordance with a thing done. (1Jn_5:3)
  5. Has Great Reward (Joh_14:16-17; Joh_14:21-23) Your love for Christ, demonstrated by obedience to his instructions, provokes him to use his initiative to ask of God what you need. It also attracts the love of the Father and the son to you too. Lack of LOVE for Christ also has detrimental impact too.



We all want to be loved, but it is not always enough to just mute the words I love you. We want to see tangible manifestations of the LOVE. Hence, it is not enough for you to sing your love to him, pray your love to him, you are required, as well as all who say they love him, to prove your love to Him is, “obey his commandments!” Do you love the LORD? Prove it!