I Am the Light of the World

Posted on 05 Sep 2021, Pastor: Rev Joy Umukoro

September Theme: Experiencing God’s Great Salvation

Topic: I Am the Light of  the World

Text: John 8:12; John 9:1-9



The importance of light in man’s life cannot be overemphasized. To underscore the importance of the light, let see Gen 1:1-3. There, we see that the first thing God created was light; illumination which is a direct opposite of darkness (obscurity) which was prevalent at the time. The darkness obscured everything, but the light made everything visible. From the point wherein light entered the scene, the platform for creation which eliminated the “formlessness and void,” that characterized the universe in the beginning, was set. Thus, light is the very foundation upon which every other creation rests. Hence, when Jesus Christ came, He was said to be the embodiment of light and then he declared Himself as the light of life, He is saying He is the foundation of everything in life that is meaningful. I am the light of Life.


  1. He is Lights(John 8:12a, John 9:5) the Greek word translated light is “phos” means fire or light. He is not just someone who carries light, but He is light. Thus, Jesus makes everything visible and manifest when He enters into the world. His presence takes away “skotia” darkness or obscurity. You cannot follow Jesus and walk in darkness at the same time. (1John 1:5)


  1. His Presence Impacts Light (John 9:1-9) As long as Jesus is in the WORLD, (kosmos) He is the true light (John 1:4-5). When Jesus enters into a life, everything become manifest as they really are. You will then see clearly as things are, not seeing men as trees, but have a clear visibility of the things around you. Thus, a man who is with Jesus cannot stumble, hence He that is with and in Christ cannot continue to carry out the deeds of darkness (1John 1:6; 1John 2:8; John 3:19-21)


  1. The Benefit of Him in One’s Life(John 8:12b) No More Darkness; fruitfulness, one becomes an illumination (John 8:24; Matt 5:14-16;Eph 5:11-14 )



The world is still in darkness because it has refused to let Jesus in. As long as Jesus is locked out, darkness with all its devastating consequences will begin to prevail: satanic oppression and manipulation, the power and control of sin, worthless and fruitless living, lose of dignity and pride, vulnerability and being at the mercy of the elements will be prevalent. But when Jesus who is the light and giver of light enters, all things will become clear, and your life will take a new meaning. Why Don’t you invite Him into your life so that He can put an end to the reign of darkness?