I Am The Good Shepherd

Posted on 22 Aug 2021, Pastor: Rev Joy Umukoro

Topic: I am the Good Shepherd
Text: John 10:11-16

The imagery of a Shepherd is not alien to Christians. There are numerous references to it in the scriptures. In fact, one of the most commonly recited Psalms is Psalms 23. In it, David stated “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want….” The image evokes the idea of the care and provision; protection and preservation that God provides for His children. Furthermore, when the image of the Shepherd is presented, the attention is, most often than not, drawn to the sheep and how much the shepherd gives to ensure they well cared for. Thus, God’s people are considered as the Sheep of His Pasture (Psalms 95:7; 100:3). However, this morning, Jesus Calls attention to Himself, emphatically as the One who was, who is, and who continues to be the Good Shepherd; not just a shepherd. Hallelujah!!! What is the implication of this revelation to our relationship with Him?

1. I Am the Good Shepherd (v. 11)
A. I give my life for my Sheep (vv. 15, 17-18)
B. I have a Trusting Relations with my Sheep (v.14)
C. I am Interested in other sheep I Own that should become part of this Fold (v. 16)

2. I Am Not A Hireling (v.12-13) Jer 50:6;
A hireling is a wage worker (good or bad):- hired servant, someone employed to take care of the sheep for pay. Thus his focus is the pay, not the welfare of the sheep. If anything jeopardizes his safety as he cares for the sheep, he would bail and eaves the sheep vulnerable. Why?
A. He does not own the Sheep
B. He Does Not Care about the Sheep

Whereas, Jesus was not pointing a finger at anyone as the hireling, He decides to contrast Himself with what a hireling does and will do. This is to help us to develop the confidence we need in order for us to follow Him without any apprehension because, we are his, and he does care about us. He ensures that we are secured even at the expense of his own life. He gave us of His own spirit so that we can be like Him. Have you recognized Jesus as the Good Shepherd? Do you have a relationship with Jesus, the Good Shepherd?
Let us pray