I Am The Bread Of Life

Posted on 01 Aug 2021, Pastor: Rev Joy Umukoro

Topic: “I Am The Bread of Life”

Text: Joh_6:14-15; Joh_6:22-56;

Thesis: Jesus Christ , as he stated himself,  is the Sustainer and Protector of the life of which he is the Source. (Joh_6:48, 51)



Bread and meat are used in the scriptures to mean food generally or source of sustenance, or as in loaf, or the flesh of animal. In this passage, you see both renditions. However, our focus and emphasis is not on the Bread or meat, but on what or who the Bread is; Jesus Christ’s declaration, “I Am…” This is very important.

Furthermore, what people say about a person is important, but how the person perceives him or herself, and he or she says about herself is more important. Note, there is that which you say about yourself that may not be true, if the intent is to deceive, but that person that you tell yourself that you are is the real you. So, the words of Jesus about himself must be taken very seriously. Hence the thesis of this message is:  Jesus Christ is the Sustainer and Protector of the life of which he is the Source.

  1. The Importance of Bread (food) to human vv14-15; Matt 4:4
  2. The Vain Pursuit for Natural Sustenance (Food) vv. 22-27)
  3. The Admonition to Pursue What Really Matters (28-34)
  4. The Nature of the Divine Bread (35, 48-51)
  5. The Indispensability of the Divine Bread (vv. 53-56)



As much is physical bread (meat or food) is important to the physical life, it cannot guarantee perpetuation of life. No amount of food can keep a man healthy and alive forever. But, Jesus Christ, the Living Bread and the Bread of Life, guarantees, to anyone who accepts Him as LORD and personal Saviour, satisfaction that nothing and no one else in this world can give. People pursue money, power, sex, fame, drugs, friends, wealth, name it, to satisfy the emptiness that characterizes a life without Christ, but the more of these things they get, the more desperately empty and dissatisfied they feel. Hence, the only person that you can have and possess and then enjoy contentment and satisfaction in life is Jesus Christ! He says to you today, “I am that bread of life.” Will you take of Him today and eat?