Media & Publicity Mission Statement

Our mission at the Media & Publicity Department is to capture, communicate, distribute, and present God’s word, serving God, the pastor, congregation, sick and shut-in, and the community-at-large. Utilizing available technology, both physical and digital, we strive to spread the good news of Jesus Christ effectively.

Our primary goal is to enhance the worship experience, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and comprehension, while maintaining a transparent and distraction-free environment for both in-person and online attendees. Whether present in real-time or engaging with our content at a later time, we aim to provide an immersive worship experience.

Furthermore, we actively collaborate with other ministries within our church, empowering them to utilize these mediums as worship and outreach tools. By joining forces, we can extend our reach beyond individual capabilities.

Through the mediums we employ, our ministry endeavors to invite people to discover God’s love and foster a deeper walk with Him.